Dec 09

Started Thinking About Opening My Own Office

I have been sitting down and looking at a ledger that I have made. The idea is to figure out what I need if I am going to start my own business, or start my own business full time. I have decided that I have a good business plan and that the really big question lays in the accounting problem. It would be very close to start off and I would have to save every penny on every way that I could, especially to start out. The questions I have are about expenses, like for instance the best internet providers for the money if you are in a business where you are going to need a lot of bandwidth. The internet technology part of this is pretty much the most complex portion, because I would need to get a web page, then I would have to find a cheap hosting service and I would probably have to back it up myself and I would need to be in complete control over the web page in real time.

This is because I would be dealing in something where there would be a great deal of movement on price. I would be reselling goods and services in a very complicated way, relying upon a very marginal rate of return. It would be very easy for me to get backed up and sell things at the wrong price or the wrong time if I am not able to absolutely control the web page. Of course that is something that might not be precisely practical and if it is not, then this idea is probably not ever going to get up off of the ground. At least it needs to be something that it is possible for me to do without an army of tech guys.

Oct 28

Getting Things Set Up at the Shop

I am just now getting settled in at my new job. In essence I am here to turn a little shop around. My boss likes to go about buying up failing businesses and turn them around. I have started out helping him in this, but now he has decided that I am ready to go out on my own. Of course this is a pretty small place with a half dozen employees and two of them are going to be let go, because they seem to have played a part in previous failings. Need to find web design north wales, because they do not even have a web page now. Of course it is not the sort of thing where a web page is totally vital to success, but that assumes that you have a good reputation and a big customer base of people who can tell their friends about you.

I am going to do everything I can to dissociate this operation from it’s previous management. The first thing I did was to change the name and post a big sign saying that the place was under new management. Of course that was very simple. You could look around on the internet and see that there were disgruntled customers complaining about the previous regime. The place had failed for a reason, and poor customer relations was the most glaring thing that I found. I need to get everyone to give us a second chance and so I am pretty much doing things at cost for the moment. The boss thought this was a pretty good idea. You get them to come back by offering them a deal that is better than the competitors will offer, because they are intent on turning a profit. In time I will raise prices, when it makes sense.